Jan. 24th, 2009

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Today's thoughts:

  • where did my "normal music" hard drive go? has it really been so long since I used it?! ... I just wanna hear some postal service.
  • I really like minimal techno. electro house is cool. chicago house is fun. drum & bass is sick. breaks are sweet. minimal techno is ^__^
  • Now that beatport has a hold bin in addition to the crate/cart, maybe i can go back to using just one account.
  • #myfirstjob Walgreens ... cashier, photo tech, stock boy... for 2 years! Then at CVS for 2 years doing mostly photo tech.
  • omg check it out. youtube has muted RickRoll :( is.gd/fVU0
  • First approval rating for Obama.. 68%. Truth be told, he's already done enough to make him better than the last prez. is.gd/h5Ck
  • installing microsoft proprietary "silverlight" video player so i can check out CNN's "The Moment": is.gd/g2SL
  • annd not impressed. it's slow and not nearly as interactive as i'd hoped. I thought it might be fun to find myself but I can barely work it
  • Actually, I guess it's kind of cool to look around near the front. I did find the guy that was about 5 yards in front of me wearing my hat!
  • I finally figured out where I'm at in the gigapan photo... I'm literally hiding behind the horse's ass. no joke! Points if you can find that
  • Star Wars as told by someone who's never seen it.... lolworthy is.gd/fYrE
  • Web developers: Which AJAX library do you like best? twtpoll.com/puwovr
  • After much googling, I am confident someone at the bar I left my camera at DROPPED/jarred it. My fault though. Should not have left it.
  • The mirror in the D100 is triggered with a little plastic pin, and the best guess I can find is that it broke. I wonder if it's worth fixing
  • Pretty impressed with tineye.com... it's a reverse image search. Give it an image and it finds other copies and variations of it.


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