Mar. 24th, 2014 01:19 pm

Dear LJ

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How are you?

That is cool.

Jan. 9th, 2010 03:14 pm


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I just noticed my twitter stream stopped posting over here. Huh!

I feel bad for LJ. It was essentially the first successful social network... and now it's like dead. Or I think it is?

You'd be surprised at how much LJ actually did for the social web. A few of the former LJ admins/peeps went on to do things like... work for google. and twitter. yea!

On that note, how is LJ land? Do people still USE it?

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Today's thoughts:

  • TDS! yay!
  • I heard today that Windows 7 is the fastest Windows OS since Windows XP! That's impressive.
  • Lasers! #fb
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Today's thoughts:

  • Stewart mocks Hannity for inflating Bachmann rally attendance, trying to pass 9-12 rally footage... #fb
  • Go to google (classic home, not iGoogle), type "why won't" (without quotes), and check out the first suggestion.
  • RT @24hrwebproject: We're excited to announce the Winter 2010 24 Hour Web Project recipient!
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Today's thoughts:

  • Glenn Beck Christmas Sweater?? "the views and opinions... do not reflect the official policy or position of Kerasotes Theatre" lololol
  • If you haven't signed up for the sideTrack newsletter you should! Big announcements coming shortly... #fb
  • still wishes there were electro bands in Indy. Even just one. #fb
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Today's thoughts:

  • #Worldsthinnestbooks "Our Best Songs" by Jonas Brothers
  • #Worldsthinnestbooks "Indianapolis Celebrities"
  • #Worldsthinnestbooks "Things That I Love To Sell But Don't Want To Make Money On" by Don Davis
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Today's thoughts:

  • making sure there's bass at TRU on Friday. I miss not having to rent extra sound at Therapy.
  • I don't wanna make any money, I just love to sell __________ ~Don
  • They need 218 for health care reform... will they get it? #hcr
  • 6 more votes... so far no republican yays #hcr
  • The health care bill has passed! #hcr #fb
  • RT @mashable Not Satire: The Onion Gets a TV Deal With Comedy Central
  • watching local news until SNL starts... I can't believe people watch this.
  • Did I just make this fresh coffee into a partial pot of really old coffee? tastes fine, so maybe not, but I'm all like... omg, what if?
  • Lovely. The CD drive on my macbook automatically ejects all disks I put in it. Can't seem to fix it.
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Today's thoughts:

  • There's no way Ditech didn't realize their commercial looks just like Twitter.
  • Ghost Lab's Biocam is so super serial that it uses Comic Sans. #fb
  • time to get some Serato vinyl that stands out. I've had 3 disappear at gigs recently! plus my limited edition madonna slipmats :( #fb
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Today's thoughts:

  • Dude. @bassnectar is killing it!! #fb
  • RT @theMANIC: #ff @rustymk2 @jackola @djadamjay @djsethnichols @dj_steady_b @thaDoc317 @djhollowpoint @stunnachi @Angel_Alanis @djshiva
  • RT @Angel_Alanis:Follow these or die... @KarlAlmaria @theMANIC @jackola @djmisslisa @djladyd @EdLectronic @headtunes
  • RT @DJMattPorter:#ff DJs @DJDanmusic @hatiras @jackola @BASSWEAZAL @dj_steady_b @djbam @Whiskeypete @MCFlipside @b_richhh
  • RT @DJQbert “A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”
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Today's thoughts:

  • just bought the XKCD book. Can't wait to get it :)
  • High Maintenance with special guest ANGEL ALANIS on in 10 minutes @ -- both are playing next friday @ TRU :) #fb
  • Nobody seems to care about baseball until the world series. Except me... I still don't care ;D
  • Arby's has baked potatoes. score!
  • needs to take a vacation. but where to? #fb
  • About to head down to Bloomington to see @bassnectar !
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Today's thoughts:

  • kittens!
  • is eating flavonoids
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Today's thoughts:

  • I've had 3 serato records walk off now. :(
  • The people that comment on stories seem to be the same ones that comment on youtube videos.
  • They sure do turn the water off in this building a lot. Must have shower before work. Guh
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Today's thoughts:

  • had an awesome halloween weekend. Fortunately I was able to remove the tennis ball from my head without scarring or brain damage!
  • does not like that it's dark at 6:30. #fb
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Today's thoughts:

  • Glueing a tennis ball to your head is harder than you'd think

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Today's thoughts:

  • Oh, I guess I should have a costume by now. #fb
  • Is listening to beethoven on the radio.
  • Watching "drag me to hell".
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Today's thoughts:

  • Halloween on Sat. isn't as great as first thought. All the parties are that night. Do I go to Muncie or Jacob come here? I vote here ;D #fb
  • Do happy to see @djcolette tonight. Always a pleasure. :)
  • RT @theMANIC: #ff dancefloor @djsethnichols @jackola. @dj_steady_b. @djadamjay @rustymk2 @thaDoc317 @djhollowpoint @djshiva @sideTrackIN
  • Check it out. @Jookabox halloween mixtape: #fb
  • is updating a site that has no CMS. I feel for people that have to deal with that. Get a CMS! We have a super sweet one at @SmallBox
  • pickles
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Today's thoughts:

  • loves the thriving svhouse music scene in Indy.
  • loves the growing house music scene in Indy.
  • woot. I get to test out the new twitter lists functionality:
  • RT: @birdpeterson I get funny looks from Tiesto promoters when i tell them my name. So tonight i will dj as DJ ED HARDY 2
  • $10 to the person who invents self-cleaning clothing #fb
  • Today is $1 jimmy johns day. Score. #fb
  • Holy crap. Line for Jimmy johns is out to the street. Think I'll wait a bit.
  • RT @tommiesunshine RT @djheather RT @DJMarkFarina Pretty wack DJ Mag Top 100! Where's the house representation??
  • Waiting in line for Jimmy Johns behind frat guys talking about ghonorea and roofies #fb
  • RT @BarackObama: Signed a bill today that protects citizens from violence based on what they look like, who they love or how they pray
  • info graphic: Swine Flu Mortality (compared to others) over 300 days #fb
  • not sure if I like the new design. It seems to focus more on feature stories than the latest news.
  • note: I do, however, like the story pages better. Simpler layout, easy to read. #cnn
  • guh. apparently I saved my flyer as a jpg instead of a PSD. Good thing it wasn't a design for @smallbox :)
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Today's thoughts:

  • Tv Ad for WWE game. Make your own character and "tell your own story". During South Park. After last week's episode making fun of just that.
  • mmmm, pad thai. a little spicier then i'm used to though. whewwww
  • is excited to see @DJColette tomorrow! #fb


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