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LiveNation is expected to sell Verizon Wireless Music Center (Deer Creek). What will replace it?

Office Space.

Read about it here.


I've been to at least a dozen concerts at Deer Creek as a photographer, my best friend and her roommate work there, and I've worked with other people from Deer Creek and Live Nation in promoting concerts for RockMusicReview.com.

Although it will be sad to see Deer Creek go, I know that this doesn't mean the end of live music in Indy. Deer Creek was indeed the largest venue, and was under control by the largest concert promoter in the U.S. (LiveNation aka ClearChannel). They said in a conference that 2006 saw a big increase in concert ticket sales, so I know they have to have some sort of plan for after Deer Creek closes.

Also, there are TONS of concerts that are GOOD and don't take place at Deer Creek. The main problem, however, is that there are really only a couple live venues in Indy that are all ages.... The Emerson, Irving Theatre, and record stores.

We seriously need to change the law to match surrounding states and allow 18+ into live music venues that serve alcohol, of course still only serving those that are 21+.

Also, live music in Indy existed before Deer Creek, before LiveNation, before ClearChannel, and even before the radio. Have no fear, we will simply see a transition in live music in Indy, hopefully for the better.

Jack Shepler


By the way, my LJ userpic is of MxPx playing at Deer Creek for Warped Tour 2002. It was the first show I ever shot there.


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