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2009-05-15 08:01 pm

Thoughts of the day.

Today's thoughts:

  • At the "Sounds for Science" benefit at @TalbottStreet with Ben Wu
  • RT @noraleona: Ha! A @jackola sighting at the "Sounds for Science" benefit at @TalbottStreet. twitpic.com/5731f
  • RT @blucu I know it's kind of wrong but www.textsfromlastnight.com brings a smile to my face every morning.
  • DILEMMA! what to eat for lunch, hmm. bacon, duh!
  • Follow Friday: @JustinRZB @laura_mcphee @smjdesign @justinval @wrightbryan3 @KnowMiracles but especially @FabDeltoid :)
  • Rules are made to be broken (ps, I has bacon) twitpic.com/58ala
  • Waiting to find out if I got a bag of crap from @woot. Got to the processing page, so I have a good shot. haha
  • HOLY @WOOT BATMAN! I won a bag of crap. let's hope I get something better than a broken mp3 player & japanese "i <3 you" light this time
  • guh... and now the bag of crap has disappeared from my account history page. I feel totally cheated.
  • I might be biased, but it's true: people will judge the quality of your event by your flyer design.