Feb. 23rd, 2009

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Today's thoughts:

  • watching the oscar pre-game at the brass ring with @nickbilz and jesse lee roth
  • the opening sequence was awesome! Hugh and Anne did great. #oscars
  • animation: wall-e, even though I haven't seen it.
  • screenplay: milk
  • milk win! and that speech was a-ma-zing!!! :-o. this year's oscars are already a great watch
  • animated short: this way up
  • I hadn't realized jennifer aniston dates jack black. domo arigato!
  • the brass ring was buzzing about boobz
  • omg joe phoenix. rofl. cinematography: slumdog.
  • I really think the oscars was MADE for teh gheys this year.
  • best supporting actor: dude from milk........ wait, no, Heath Ledger has to win it.
  • special fx: button
  • was totally not even planning to stay and watch the oscars but we love it!
  • editing: milk
  • won a priiiize for getting special fx right. jager wife beater. lol twitpic.com/1n7wm
  • lol. @nickbilz on eddie murphy: "look at me and my straight to DVD career"
  • no Heath ledger in the montage of death? awww Paul Newman.
  • ok. I knew slumdog would win a lot but srsly. btw, milk for best picture. but it will probably be slumdog. possibly ben button.
  • holy fake n bake sophia. wow ...best actress: Streep!
  • best actor: sean penn! plz plz plz. Milk was a great movie and he played the part SO well.
  • the whole place just went nuts for Sean Penn!!!!
  • best film: milk!!! or frost/Nixon. though I chances are it's slumdog or button.
  • the whole place just bood and hissed for slumdog.
  • Kate (slater hogan's gf) won best dressed AND least correct oscar ballott. lolz
  • "if you could be a twee, what twee would you be?" ~@nickbilz on baba wawa
  • RT @BryanLuellen logging on to twitter for the first time! //// just stating for the record that Bryan caved! ;]


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