Feb. 19th, 2009

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Today's thoughts:

  • I am happy with the amount of stuff in this @wootoff that they haven't sold before... that I know of. Still haven't bought anything tho.
  • for econ nerds: After watching I.O.U.S.A., this is a great read from WaPo on U.S. & Chinese GDPs, Debts, Unions and such: is.gd/k3kZ
  • I really need to get on my latest greatest twitter API dev project idea before someone else does it. Alas, I am le busy!
  • Pat Robertson Denounces Rush Limbaugh For Hoping Obama Fails. is.gd/jWiN [Huff. Post] I had no idea he was capable of being rational
  • Feature that twitter is missing: an "are you sure?" page after you click update, then an "omg it worked!" page. lol@myspace
  • Pretty excited about this: www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com
  • Being totally impressed by Boxee instead of getting this flyer done.
  • If you like espresso makers, I highly recommend the one on woot.com right now. We have it at the office. A++ and cheap and works nice.
  • My sister Melissa was just denied a job because in the online interview she said she has smoked a cigarette in the past 90 days. Srsly.
  • omg i clicked on 'want one' on the random crap! *crosses fingers* @wootoff
  • meh, i lose at the random crap game once again. oh well. anyone get through?
  • designed stuff at work today - a nice break from code. Nice to get the creative juices going. Also good bc I have event flyers to design!
  • RT @loribindy is.gd/dWRf - a pdf of The Snuglet, a homemade Snuggie! Make your own!


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