Feb. 16th, 2009

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Today's thoughts:

  • Watched Man vs. Wild on @Discovery all day. Now I'm watching the new Simpsons, now in HD, though I don't have HD so it's not that exciting.
  • RT @BreakingNewsOn Venezuela election chief says Chavez has won a referendum scrapping term limits by a wide margin. Yes 54,36% - No 45,63%
  • The new Family Guy had a lot of breakaways. I loved the Christian Bale part. is.gd/jCJg ... also the part about eye floaters.
  • Is it just me or is the girl's voice on Wendy's commercials the voice of Meg from Family Guy?
  • fox 59 local news: shooting, shooting, shooting, child molester living in a church, rape, airplane crash, financial aid, stimulus & weather
  • Facebook's disturbing new Terms Of Service is.gd/jDf4 ... and a choose your own adventure on mandatory arbitration is.gd/jDYa
  • I'm on a boat mother ******, look at me. I got my swim trunks and my flippy floppies. lolz (from SNL... nsfw language) is.gd/iNTx
  • omg, breakfast burrito, coffee, then bw3 lunch has totally made me sleepy.
  • My bro just called, which he never does. Ends up he's been trying to reach me for 2 weeks, leaving messages and texts with the wrong #.
  • Yay, look what I can do:  ... option+shift+K. Thanks @1indienation for that. oh wait, watch this:  (i typed three k's in a row! oh my!)
  • Check out this awesome image of paper I found via google images. is.gd/jJBV
  • I just got freakin' text spam from too lazy dot net. I am totally irritated right now. >:-o No I will not pay $9.99 a month for IQ challenge


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