Feb. 10th, 2009

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Today's thoughts:

  • I find the comments on CNN.com to be idiotic overall. I guess that's what happens when you're the most visible political news organization.
  • I want to organize a flash mob in Indianapolis. What do you think?
  • freakin' photoshop crash just lost at least an hour of my freakin time :[
  • omg the car pulled over and opened the trunk! watch live: tinyurl.com/ateo7x
  • transformers to the rescue! swat team activate!
  • they got the door open.... is he alive? they don't seem too confrontational
  • It's official... the guy killed himself :/. #chase #la #bentley #khaled
  • I feel bad for whomever he was talking to on the phone. @WhiteBentley #chase #la #bentley #khaled ... time for bed
  • Twitter really isn't that great for accurate news. Now I'm reading that it wasn't Khaled and that he didn't actually die, he's just injured.
  • I need some lotion up in hurr.
  • RT @motionblur Twitter to begin charging companies for commercial use: bit.ly/m7ZC
  • So the chase made the news bc the media thought it was Chris Brown. Then thought it was DJ Khaled (it wasn't). Now the poor guy is dead. :/
  • Only the best websites have guestbook, link exchange & webring pages... PLUS have their own prestigious web award. Cream of the crop!
  • I wish I didn't stay up watching the #chase. I'm tired now and the ending was tragic :/
  • So twitter has an @Replies page... I wish it had a page that simply listed every time someone mentioned your name in the midst of a twit.
  • Mmmmm I haven't had general tso's chicken in forever. Hits the spot.
  • RT @ronlewhorn The New "Rick-Roll" vid: tinyurl.com/ytamcx You just got "Sex-Bombed!"
  • I love dubstep. doot doot doot doot wobble wobble wobble wobble
  • Anyone else notice the new sex spam bot with usernames in this pattern: (girl honorific)_(girl name)(random number)? example: ms_mandy123
  • I highly recommend tweetree.com. Works super nice! Describes tinyurls, embeds youtube clips and lists replies to tweets under them!
  • I have got a serious case of the yawns. Blah!
  • Trying to figure out an IE7 "Operation Aborted" msg with no detail. MS's official response: Upgrade to IE8. Thanks, that was so much help.
  • Guess who now has ringtones of Obama cursing from my previous tweet........ ;)
  • Sirius XM prepares to file bankruptcy... is.gd/j5Nl
  • If you've only made 3 posts on twitter which all contain links to your website, and you add me, I will not add you back.
  • I giggled like a 3rd grader when I read this headline on CNN: "(Dolly) Parton hoping Obama isn't a 'boob'" is.gd/j69v
  • Speaking of boobs, Indiana made CNN.com today too: "Indiana job ads: Topless dancer or nothing" is.gd/j4Mr
  • Every other email I get from QDoba is an apology for some technical snafu they had. Seriously QDoba, get your stuff together.


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