Feb. 4th, 2009

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Today's thoughts:

  • Microsoft is going to end itself. There will be SIX versions of Windows 7 available. One of them limits you to 3 apps open is.gd/ifvc
  • Worked on a flyer tonight for my friend's event that I'm not quite done with. I hope they forgive the tardiness when they see it!
  • Obama says he made a mistake. is.gd/ik8U ... wait, are presidents supposed to admit that?
  • Party like it's 1,999!
  • In The Year Two Thousand... God at last reveals himself to humans, who are shocked and appalled by his really bad comb-over. ~Conan O'Brien
  • And yes, that was my 2000th tweet. :]
  • Anyone want to go to this Seventh Annual Elektronik Musik Fest at Butler University with me on Sunday?
  • I'm so adjective, I verb nouns!
  • I just got an email from a PR rep using the 867-5309 ebay story to get attention for her client, the author of that song, Alex Call. hah
  • "Mass. couple who led gay marriage fight to divorce" tinyurl.com/cxmgzw
  • Hrmm. Dagwoods is kinda love/hate for me. Sometimes it's good/bad. Sometimes it's small/big. Sometimes it's white/wheat. Always random.
  • This time... way smaller than usual, not on wheat, and no big pickle :|. I usually go there during the day though. Thought i'd share.
  • At least I remembered to grab my chips this time 6___^. Okay, enough about my dinner.


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