Jan. 26th, 2009

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Today's thoughts:

  • quite deep in this kinda neat, kinda complex php/mysql/javascript/ajax cms project
  • I wonder if 1&1 will ever get with it and change their session timeout to be not so annoyingly short.
  • Code ninja requires Rosé salami, variety of stinky cheeses and Oaken Barrel "Epiphany" Abbey-Style Tripel.
  • Here is the Hottest 100 list. www.abc.net.au/triplej/hottest100/popup.htm #hottest100 ... Kings of Leon! MGMT! Presets! Cut Copy!
  • "Aretha Franklin's Inauguration Hat" has nearly 60,000 fans on facebook now. is.gd/gVkY
  • Opened up rockmusicreview.com ...it's been a while. I wonder if I should ever pick that site back up. It's been in a coma since October 2007
  • Wow, it's after 4. At least I got a lot done.
  • I wonder if there's any cupcake places downtown that have free delivery?
  • current mood: coffee coffee coffee coffee cofeeee cafe coffee coffee coffee coffee cofeeee cafe coffee coffee coffee coffee cofeeeeee coffee
  • I have the headache of champions. Maybe I should eat something.
  • Photos of the U.S. Air Airplane being lifted out of the Hudson River... is.gd/hhKJ
  • I HATE it when I start reading an article, then required to join to read the rest. The time investment of joining isn't worth it. Moving on.
  • The most disturbing thing about Gaza is the percentage of the killed and wounded that are children. Just sayin'
  • Fresh Prince Theme: Gangsta Version ... tinyurl.com/cbhl4n (probably NSFW)


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