Jan. 5th, 2009

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Today's thoughts:

  • ohhh laundry time. totally not my favorite time. at least i have plenty of quarters this time.
  • Harley must have deleted his facebook at the same time his LJ went into deleted mode. Not fair... it's already rare that anyone sees him.
  • news alert: barrack's family went to DC... and then he followed shortly after! Whew! I was so worried there for a second ;)
  • Goose Island's Pere Jacques... very malty, belgian ale!
  • Fifteen days...
  • ALERT!! NEW Phishing DM message: "Hey! I just got a FREE iphone from this website.. here" followed by a link #Phishing RETWEET
  • next person on my f-list that falls for the phishing message is getting a spanking. fair warning!
  • I sure did do a lot of tweeting today. My following and followers list grew a lot too.
  • I am such a nerd... I seriously cannot wait for MacWorld, to see what's the new hotness.
  • what on EARTH made myspace auto-focus the cursor on google search on page load? You're not a search site. I have to click b4 keying back now
  • Waking up for work will be a challenge with no phone alarm.
  • Everything that could have possibly been wrong in a morning, happened this morning. No phone/alarm, clock broke, water was off, no phone...
  • For the record, I should get my phone back today and the water was off because the apt below was having work done on their pipes ;).
  • I got a facebook msg from someone at americans united for the separation of church and state about the FSM cause on FB :)
  • QDoba's Indianapolis office just sent a mass email to 450 people with all of our email addresses in the 'to' field. Seriously?
  • I did not know "text to landline" existed! weird. and cool.


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