Jan. 3rd, 2009

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Today's thoughts:

  • heading out to greg's with chris toe fur
  • it seems facebook got rid of the loophole to view tagged photos when the person doesn't have the photos tab on their profile.
  • Broke my shoes last night. Time for more! Curious what my tweeter pals say are the hot hot brandz. I like casual and trendy, not so sporty
  • just made the most delicious eggs benedict-esque meal. Yum yum! I wish I had remembered OJ and baby tomatoes at trader joe's last night.
  • how/why is it already 6:30? I slept in entirely too late today.
  • oh, hey, look at this random and obviously fake blogspot link. maybe i should click on it and give it my twitter login info.
  • don't you hate it when you lose your dongle?
  • i found my dongle! i am a winner!
  • enjoying my laptop/big screen/apple keyboard/wireless mouse setup at home. Now I can win at work AND at home. total win FTW BUT STILL NO PHN
  • i want to be a cool kid and make a macworld prediction: new mac mini, iLife '09, 32GB iphone, steve jobs jumps out of a cake and lols
  • twitpic.com/zflf - Did anyone else lol when they saw this on their twitter home page?
  • Currently eating this and dying of OM NOM NOM www.chocolates.be/
  • Bizarre and awesome: www.abnormalbehaviorchild.com/


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